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New York : G. P. Putnam's Sons, [2018]
518 pages ; 24 cm.
Marine officer. CIA analyst. President. Jack Ryan has devoted his life to protecting the United States. What if this time, he can't? President Ryan and the Campus return in the latest entry in Tom Clancy's #1 New York Times-bestselling series.
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9780735215955 (hardcover)
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Author Notes
Marc Cameron is an American author, born in Texas. He worked in professional law enforcement for Twenty-nine years and has worked throughout North America. During that time, he served as a uniformed police officer, a mounted officer, and detective. He went on to serve in the U.S. Marshall Service. His roles included Deputy, Fugitive Task Force Commander, Supervisor Deputy, Senior Inspector, and Chief Deputy, his last role before retirement. <p> He is the author of the Jericho Quinn Thriller series, and has written short stories that appeared in The Saturday Evening Post and Boy's Life magazine. In 2016, he was chosen to continue the Tom Clancy Jack Ryan/Campus Thriller series, which includes Tom Clancy Power and Empire. <p> (Bowker Author Biography)
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Jack Ryan (Male), President, CIA analyst, Marine lieutenant, Married, Father, Dealing with challenge from Chinese government;
Nuclear threat
Good vs. evil
U.S.-Iran relations
U.S.-Russia relations
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  Publishers Weekly Review

Cameron's so-so second contribution to Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan franchise (after 2017's Tom Clancy: Power and Empire) centers on an insurgency movement in Iran. Erik Dovzhenko, a reluctant Russian spy stationed in Tehran, chooses to defect when his dissident lover, Maryam Farhad, is killed by Revolutionary Guards. Erik escapes to Afghanistan to warn Maryam's friend Ysabel Kashani, who in turn contacts her former lover, Jack Ryan Jr., the U.S. president's son. Jack Jr. travels to Iran, where he meets Erik and Ysabel-and seeks to intercept two hijacked Russian nuclear missiles, which he and his compatriots from the Campus, a covert antiterrorism organization, have been tracking. The main action builds to an extremely clever twist. Meanwhile, in random interludes, President Ryan deals with an attack on the American embassy in Cameroon and the attempted assassination of a political rival. Maybe, once Ryan has finished his term in office and can do more than sit resolute behind a desk, he will again excite readers. Agent: Jennifer Rudolph Walsh, WME. (Nov.) © Copyright PWxyz, LLC. All rights reserved.

  Kirkus Review

The spirit of Tom Clancy lives on as two generations of Jack Ryans continue to save America's cookies (Power and Empire, 2017, etc.) in this doorstop-sized thriller.President Jack Ryan has plenty of domestic problemsflooding down South, an outbreak of flu, faked videos showing him in a bad light, and the hateful Sen. Michelle Chadwick, who spouts dangerous lies about him. Certain Russians want to kill Chadwick and cause Ryan to be blamed. (Ha! As if the Ruskies would ever interfere in America's business.) Meanwhile, Jack Junior, "the first born son of the immortal Jack Ryan," is in the middle of the action overseas. An American woman is kidnapped in Cameroon. In Portugal, Junior's cohort Ding Chavez surveils an "international arms dealer and fat man of intrigue" who is conspiring with the Russians on an incredibly profitable scheme involving nukes for Iran. A Russian aircraft vanishes, probably carrying nuclear material. The story has the staple characters such as John Clark, Ding, and Mary Pat Foley, but more interesting are the lesser folk like Lucile Fournier, the sexy killer and self-described "very nasty woman," to whom readers had best not get too attached. There is Yazdani, the desperate father of a child with cystic fibrosis, who will trade military secrets for medicine if only he can trust Jack Junior. And Ysabel, who might be the love of Junior's life if only he had the time. But no one reads Clancy for romance, anyway. Readers want global conflicts, fight scenes, and heroics. The Ryans are the idealized American heroesthey may be imperfect like you and me, but they have no fundamental flaws and even tolerate their haters: "Kindness came naturally to [President] Jack Ryan," but bad guys "do not want to test me." Author Cameron's storytelling is indistinguishable from the late Clancy's, down to infodumps that bulk up what could be a much shorter novel.An enjoyable read for Clancy fans. Copyright Kirkus Reviews, used with permission.
Marine officer. CIA analyst. President. Jack Ryan has devoted his life to protecting the United States. What if this time, he can't? President Ryan and the Campus return in this entry in Tom Clancy's #1 New York Times -bestselling series. <br> <br> Freedom may have finally arrived in Iran. As protests break out across the country, the media rejoices over the so-called Persian Spring. Western leaders are ecstatic. Members of Congress and the Cabinet clamor to back the rebels. Only President Jack Ryan remains wary.<br> <br> Meanwhile, he has plenty to handle at home. A deadly strain of flu is ravaging the United States as spring floods decimate the Southeast. An unethical senator wants to bring down the Ryan presidency and is willing to lean on fabricated bot-planted stories to do it.<br> <br> But the scariest story is the most closely guarded one. Two Russian nuclear missiles have been hijacked. The Campus gets their first break when Jack Junior connects with a rogue Russian intelligence officer in Afghanistan--only to be abducted soon after arriving. John Clark and the rest of the Campus team race to track the missiles and rescue their colleague.<br> <br> As sensationalized stories spin out of control and the stolen missiles remain out of reach, President Ryan's toughest challenge emerges: How do you meet an enemy head on, when he won't even show you his face?
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