First Edition.
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New York : Crooked Lane Books, an Imprint of the Quick Brown Fox & Company LLC, 2018.
326 pages ; 22 cm.
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Betty Hechtman was born in Chicago, Illinois and on a particularly eventful weekend graduated college, got married and moved to Los Angeles, California. She has a degree in Fine Arts and has had a variety of professions. Her love of mysteries started with Nancy Drew and blossomed when she began to read Agatha Christie's books. She has been doing handicrafts since she was a child. It is like a dream come true to be able to mix mystery and yarn craft in her books.
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  Publishers Weekly Review

The murder of former TV actor Timothy Clark, who was found dead in the den of the house he was renting, drives Hechtman's uneven 12th Crochet mystery (after 2016's Hooking for Trouble). Molly Pink, one of the Tarzana Hookers, a crochet club in Tarzana, Calif., happened to leave her scarf at the house around the time of Clark's death, which leads to her becoming former boyfriend Det. Barry Greenberg's prime suspect. Other Hookers also become suspects, including aspiring actress Adele Abrams Humphries, who had hired the victim as her acting coach. Sleuthing takes a bit of a back seat to Molly's romantic entanglements and to the group's charity project, crocheting baby blankets. Molly's obstructionist behavior, a few highly annoying characters (notably "always over the top" Adele), and confusion caused by a large cast make this somewhat less fun than other entries in this cozy series. Still, fans will enjoy spending time with the Hookers and welcome the pair of crochet patterns and a recipe that round out the volume. Agent: Jessica Faust, BookEnds Literary. (May) © Copyright PWxyz, LLC. All rights reserved.
By hook or crook, Molly will clear her name in On the Hook , national bestseller Betty Hechtman's irresistible twelfth Crochet Mystery.<br> <br> The Tarzana Hookers crochet club could come apart at the seams when thwarted ambition, shady ethics, and a puzzling murder converge. <br> <br> Molly Pink and the Tarzana Hookers are busy crocheting baby blankets for charity, but before long, they're tangled up in a mystery that may be their unraveling. The Hookers are a tight-knit group, but some of the members harbor secret aspirations. Adele dreams of becoming an actress, and her acting coach has filled her head with promises of a career as a crochet show host. Elise Belmont has earned her real estate license and is itching to show her first house. But when the house's tenantturns up dead from a pink squirrel cocktail laced with cyanide, the Hookers could be in double treble.<br> <br> It turns out that the dead man was Adele's acting coach, Timothy Clark. And Molly gets wound up in the case after accidentally leaving a scarf she designed at the murder scene. Detective Barry Greenberg, one of Molly's exes, quickly stitches together that the scarf is hers. Lawyer Mason Fields (another of Molly's exes) has her head swimming in legalese. For Molly, the only way out is by learning who really killed Timothy, and why.<br> <br> Crochet patterns and a delicious recipe included!
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